Instructions for application


  1. It is most important that your wall surface is smooth, clean and dry. Ensure the wall has been thoroughly wiped to remove all dust or dirt before applying the decal.


  1. In order to obtain a layout and design that you are happy with, loosely tape your decals into the desired position on the wall before beginning. You may need to cut the original sheet into pieces to obtain the final layout you require  


Stand back to see if you are happy with the overall positioning. Lightly mark the final position on your wall with a pencil. While decals are removable, those with intricate designs may not be relocatable so make certain you are happy with the position before continuing.



  1. Lie the decal face up on a flat surface and with the palm of your hand, smooth out any wrinkles.


Remove the white backing paper from the transfer sheet. (Don’t throw this away). Lay the clear sheet on top of the decal with the adhesive side facing down. Firmly press the entire surface to ensure the decal has fully adhered to the clear transfer film.


Now you can remove the white backing paper from the decal. With the decal now in a face down position, start in one corner and slowly peel away the backing paper. This should leave the decal stuck to the clear transfer sheet. If any of the design remains on the backing paper as you peel, stick back together, and press down before trying to peel apart again.



  1. Stick the two upper corners of the transfer sheet to the wall, stand back to ensure it is positioned correctly.  Press the design to the wall from the centre of the decal and use a circular motion working out to the edges. This will help avoid bubbles and wrinkles. Once it is stuck down, firmly rub the entire decal.


  1. Slowly peel back the clear transfer sheet starting at one corner. You should pull it in such a way that it is almost folded back upon itself. Pulling it off at a sharp angle may lift the decal from the wall. If the decal does begin to stick to the sheet instead of the wall, simply re-press the sheet to the wall to put the decal back into place and start slowly peeling back the sheet again.   (You can re-use the transfer sheet, so now would be a good time to pop it back onto its backing sheet)


  1. Deflate any small bubbles with a pin and then smooth over the entire surface with your hand or a soft cloth to ensure there are no lifting edges.





To minimise the risk of damage, this step should be carried out with care.


Carefully peel back an edge with your fingernail and slowly peel it off the wall. Some designs can be re-used, so now would be the time that you would carefully place it back onto the transfer paper. Roll it up and store in a tube for transportation, or simply apply to another wall.

If the design is stuck hard, gently heat with a hair dryer on a medium heat. This should make removal easier.